The Epic Adventures of:

Ceciliantas: Cover Your Slits!


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And it begins....



(Quote by Ceciliantas)

" it seems some fucker put up some edited pic of me while I was probably in vendor mode or created it totally all together. Yes I take off my armor so I wont have to answer

anyone bout where to get it or how to find it later on but really, this? ya know, im nice to everyone as long as they dont give me some very damn good reason not to, I never really hate anyone

nor would I do anything to really hurt em, but seeing this I may change my ways. Once I find out who you are that did this. I will see to it your life in the world of Permafrost will be a nightmare

and I assure you, GMs dont scare me at all. Your crimes are this my friend:

1. Creating some edited photo of me doing something I would never in my right damn mind do. My girlfriend is Evenstar, if you hate her you shouldnt hate me as well, im not in control of her

actions, she doesnt control me if it comes to something bad either. However, fuck with her, and you fuck with me, my friends, my perma group and their friends. Same goes with if you fuck with me.

2. Trying to find ways to screw me over to the public, I dont know what you got against me, but I will resolve this either by making your life hell or having a GM keep tabs on your ass.

Be a man and tell us who you really are, so you will face my Justice. And I assure you, I know quite well how to grant it, your best option is to admit this is edited which it is and have the

moderator of this community board delete it. Otherwise ill handle you myself and have the Moderator delete this thread anyway. You better reply by tomarrow cuz this is personal now. "


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"Yea I admit it is funny. Its quite amazing what you can do with an editor. The person that did this got some skills, however lifeless he is it still astonishing.

Oh and to answer why I take my armor off so no one asks me bout it later is cuz when im playing, I dont sit round, im either crafting, adventuring in a very dangerous place or

Tanking. Constant Tell distractions always tends to screw me over specially in Tanking. Sometimes I even put up an afk when in a group that goes something along the lines

of "Tanking, bother me in like oh say another Decade, and leave a message too so ill get to it in 10 years thx" so people wont bug me. I get questions bout my armor from low

levels all the time at the worst times, I dont even vendor much anymore, lol 8 gold for a pair of uber boots I won isnt exactly much, I know they go for perhaps 15 or 20 gold

but who the hell would pay that even though its a small amount? Economy is kinda whacky really.

But to the point, I take my Aggro tanking very seriously, I played nothing but a Paladin for 5 years, EQ, DAoC, FFXI and I love to tank and be good at it, thats why I just dont

like being talked to while tanking cuz it always ALWAYS screws me up and it be my fault if somoene has to pay for my screw up.

Either way, this edited photo by what appears to be a 15 year old child cannot go unignored. I want to know who you are so we can talk ingame and if we dont come to some

understanding so I know why you hate me and get you to delete this thread I will consult all my friends on who you are and make sure your on each of their Ignore lists, not to

party lists, not to Rez lists as well as keep tabs on you and get a GM on your ass every chance I get not to mention make you look like an idiot every chance I get. Let me know

by tomarrow on what you want to do. Cuz after this server down I pretty much lost alot of my patience. "


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"Lol im sorry to say I dont think I can ever EVER do that ._. im really a shy guy with girls, cybering is just silly to me lol id never do it =/ "


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"It was probably taken when I was afk to go brush my teeth and take my contacts out before I go into vendor mode and go to bed. Use some common sense lol.

Regardless, I sent the Moderator a PM, hopefully he will track down this person IP, and ban em from the community board, this is afterall a harrassment issue and accordin

to my friends, he should be punished for it by the board. Probably the reason he isnt posting is due to just that and its already been done. I just hope I find out who this

little child is so I can make sure he wont have fun in this server ever again."



<<< Incoming Bitch Slap >>>








(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"He probably is. Regardless I got several friends trying to find out who this Bobmarle guy is. once I find out ill let ya all know.

I dont appreciate this edited crap bob, I will make sure you get punished one way or the other for this lifeless stunt. So best thing you can do now is admit to all of us who

you exactly are, apoligize for this stunt you did and I MIGHT let it off. Also to the other guy, I seek revenge cuz accusing me of this atrocity is against my honor code and

I take serious offense to it, if you cant understand what that means then dont say anything. As for you Tyg, grow the fuck up, I dont know who the hell you are but if you been

chasing me to harrass me as well I gotta warn ya buddy, I got many many people on this server who likes me and appreciates the things I do for them and knows im a perfectly

nice guy. If you so much as try to say stuff bout me and any of them find out they will jump on you like a pack of wolves. So you better knock it off right now, same goes for Bob.

Thankyou Moderator for your words, im sure not many people read the boards anyway too busy with EQ2 and theirs another seperate board in the Main site anyway. One

question though, why do you moderate a EQ2 board if ya play WoW o_O sup with that hehe."



(Quote by Ceciliantas)

" I hope your not playing this game and in this server those that are from FFXI. Its different this time around so you better not start anything up.

As for this, I spoken with my friends, and thought to myself for a bit. So go ahead bob and continue posting edited pics of me doing this atrocity, continue making these fake chatlogs

to your hearts content, if it makes you feel like your a bigger man, go for it. All you will really do is show how utterly pathetic you are that your so obsessed with hating me that you

would do this, all of my friends agreed so go on, continue making me look like some stud =) Cuz I really dont care. As for you FFXI Lifers, the mercenary thing is dead, its been

almost a year now and you still continue to harrass me with the same old boring news, thats bout as lifeless as you can get. I help anyone in the game that wants it and several times

have I helped low levels with armor quests, Access quests, and even some highs with their own personal item quests and so forth with low if not zero benefit to myself. And if you think

you can convince those same people I helped that im some crazy gigilo lets see you try, you will fail, miserably. Also like to point out, Evenstar is just my gf online, we dont know each

other in RL, and its not her sister that im "Dating" whatever the hell ya wanna call it, say its corny if ya wish, its a fun thing, their are alot of people believe it or not that made relationships

online, eventually met in RL, stayed together, got married. If ya got a problem with it, by all means rant I will not care, just leave Evenstars sister alone she has nothing at all to do with me.

If you do not leave her alone and continue to pester her with questions I will get the GM on anyone who is responsible on the charge of harrassment, if you wanna face a 3-14 day

Suspension keep on driving. Thats all I have to say, I do hope the moderator can close this thread soon its a dead horse and a waste of time. Goodluck my little flamer and I hope you

get the fullest out of kicking this dead horse. Ciao."


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"You fail to fucking understand Noctre. This shit started by that little lameass is upsetting my girlfriend Evenstar, and is getting her sister harrassed, now its gone too far.

I spoken to the moderator again, I want this locked or better yet deleted, I dont care if its a community board, this is a rant and rave section, not a flaming section, it goes agains the forums

bylaws. I dont care what is said to me, but LEAVE STAR AND HER SISTER OUT OF IT. I spoken with a few friends, I can press charges against Bob for harrassment according to

Law, even if its online the Law still applys. I dont want to go that far, im letting this go but if Evenstar and her sister continue to get harrassed, Ill press charges on Bob and anyone else involved

for online abuse, harrassment and public humiliation. This is my last final warning, please dont make me do this you guys, just leave star and her sister out of this and just Flame me instead Please."


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"Star you know very well he shown you nothin but edited pics, I would never lie to you.

Star knows this and just went on an outburst, I talked with her and this is what we want.

I want this bullshit to end. Bob I will let you off the Hook if you apoligize for what you did and ask the moderator to have this thread locked. I am growing sick of this and so is Star and her

sister, I am the one being the victim here and you guys are ruining my gameplay and hers, this isnt fair for us, and this is all just very very ugly.

I want this to end, you have no idea how hard it is to keep my anger in check, what I should be doing is tracking down Bobs IP, find out where he lives and press charges. I should, its the

right thing to do and I should. But I wont. This has gone too far, and I will not take this 12 year old claustrofuck crap any longer, Ill get the GMs involved, the authorities involved whatever it takes

to get this thread closed and locked and prevent somethin like this to ever happen again, just do us all a favor and lock this Moderator, please."


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"Sed stfu your doing nothing but adding to this mindless immature crap, im sick of it, im sick of flaming, im sick of this stupid horseshit seal clubbing kicking a dead horse maniacal CRAP,

I been putting up with it for 5 friggen years of my MMO life, I can never enjoy a damn game cuz I gotta worry bout shit like this all the time and I WILL NOT HAVE IT HERE OR ILL

QUIT THE DAMN GAME AND END IT ALL. Moderator please Lock and close this thread. Its a dead horse, this is becoming ridiculous and it should stop."


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"Alright bob, enough warnings, Im talking to the GMs and the higher ups in the department, they are waiting for me to find out what your name ingame is so they can give you the proper

punishment, as for this board im not sure. This is a harrassment and a very bad one at that, its against the games Eula even if its on these boards cuz its harrassment being done ingame.

So you better hope to god I dont find out what your Ingame name is, it seems they are thinking bout doing a Ban instead of a suspension, they are looking further into this.

I gave my warnings, im not gonna let this go and laugh it off, you hurt me, evenstar, her sister and some poor innocent girl you placed in those disgusting pics who probably had nothing to do with

you. Its over, your done."


(Quote by Ceciliantas)

"also another thing, Moderators of this community forum, your best choice at this point is to delete this thread and put in a prevention rule for everyone not to kick this horse any further. Cuz if I have to,

I will keep calling the GMs, talking to the higher authorities and do whatever it takes to force this closing of this, they might even force the closing of this whole community board or have a change in moderation I dont know.

You should have known better then to let this keep going, now its gone out of hand. As for the FFXI players, piss off alright? Dont be mad at me cuz I actually grown up, got a good paying Job which is

also very dangerous and earns me alot of burn marks and scars, im proud of my work cuz its almost like art, and it takes alot of skill, nothing at all to laugh at, sure it beats most jobs that require 4 years of college to

do but hey not my problem, the only sacrafice I have to make is I get alot of burns, and risk going blind or losing a limb, but work is work and if it puts food on the table so be it. So quit harrassing me bout my job and

the car I choose to drive, its totally immature and its unacceptable dont blame me if you dropped out of college due to a stupid game either, its not my problem, its yours. I want this harrassment to stop period,

drop it, cuz now im not jokin around anymore, I will do whatever it takes to get this stopped in a legal professional way. I given my warnings, its up to you mods on what to do bout this now.




Its is now time, for the before-now, untoooold epic adventure, of:


*** Ceciliantas: cover your slits! ***


It all began, long long ago, in a far away land.....


*fades out*


Hell, who am I kidding... I have no fucking idea how long this perverted asshat has been at this. But there is one question,

the question of why, of motive? Why Bob, why did you do it.


Do I despise the little colon crusder?... why yes I do.


Was it for the enjoyment, of enlightening the entire internet community, of how utterly pathetic he is? I won't lie,

it is quite entertaining... But did I plan it to reach the far corners of the earth? hell no, but it's been some funny shit. I had

no idea he had such a widespread reputation, through a whopping five different games no doubt.


Did I do it, because I enjoy being insanely cruel to the scum of the EQ2 gaming community? Not exactly...



No, infact, none of these reasons address the truth behind it all. Nor was this even an accidental thing. I am not a scout,

and I didn't just happen to wonder into the room of poor Ceciliantas. Opportunity, maybe even karma if you will... walked

right up to me, and handed me a stick of uber woopass, with Cecil's name on it. But to fully understand how it all came to

this, we have to go back in time, to somewhere in the mid summer months of this year.


I created a guild, for the upcoming release of Everquest II. I could mention the name of it right now, but I think I'll wait

just til a bit later in the story... why spoil the dripping curiousity of so many, so prematurely? no sir, I don't want to be

caught pulling a cecil. Some of you more impatient folks, may be thinking by now... How the hell is this relavent? Oh come

on guys... What fun would it be if i just came out and said it and yelled OMFGWTFBBQ PWNT. hmm? Really now.


Ceciliantas, as he so very often does, applied to yet another guild, my guild, to be precise. Due to the fact that I happened

to be 100% uninformed concerning anything in this guys past, I will admit, for the sake of the story... He made it into the

guild for a few weeks, obviously pre-release. What led to the booting of his gaping ass? I think the words

"he is a fucking psycho," would be the proper way to answer that.


From the day he got his ass kicked out, until the day I write you this story, he has dedicated a portion of his pathetic

existance, to annoying the living fuck out of me, and the members of the guild. Annoy, Harrass, Publicly Slander, you

name it. He has been on my ignore list since the day he discovered what server we went to, and sent me a tell.


BUT. Is this why, I did this? No. It is nothing more than a contributing factor. Fuck with me? fine... Fuck with my

guild? fine... But when you start sexually harrassing and stalking my friends, you crossed the line bitch.


You're just too fucking predictable, I knew this thread wouldn't of gone anywhere if you fessed up to it and said

"hell yeah I cummed all over my keyboard." No sir, I just sat back, and let you dig your own grave... and might I say,

you did one helluva job. Noone's gonna believe some random guy that comes up out of the blue and calls you a

pathological liar, a fucking psycho, a womanizer, a stalker, and a plethora of other applicable names. No, infact, that

would have set me up for flames. Posting this anonymously wasn't for the purpose of being a pussy, and hiding form

your plethora of internet friends (aka - salad finger puppets), it was simply a part of this wonderful plan, that just so

happened to turn out about 10x better than I expected it to. I barely had to do any work at all, I simply handed you

a shovel, and you went at it. Feed you juuust enough to make you lie like a little bitch, and then bitchslap you with

more. If I had jumped the gun and posted rock solid evidence... prematurely...*cackle*... well then, we wouldn't be where

we are today! [b]Infact[/b], the entire point of this thread had nothing to do with the fact that you like to jerk your

tallywacker to, I believe it was worded this way before, "pixel tits." I just needed enough umph to get you to show the

world exactly who you are, on your own. And wow, you sure did.


So, now that we have the backstory done... there may be a few of you, especially Cecil himself, that already know who I am.

So I'll go ahead and fill the rest of you in: My ingame character name is Enigma, and my guild is The Dauntless. The

mysterious Bob is revealed... I may have been the mastermind behind this, but we all know who the true heroes are here...

The one who snuck in for the screenshots, and the one who.. well... lets just say, got more than she (or should i say he)

bargained for! WHOAH you say! did I just see him type HE?! What a twist!!


Once upon a time, Ceciliantas ran past Allannah in Runnyeye, and as he so very often does, flirted all to hell with her. He even

invited Allannah to his apartment before he(she ingame) could tell him to fuck the hell off. Luckily, ever so luckily, he laughed

it up in guild chat... and thats when it struck me. The entire plan, of what you see here today. Thats right folks... Allannah is

arguably the hero of the century... he took one for the team. By the time he had emoted a giggle, cecil had his rocks off all over

the keyboard... and we had some fucking masterpiece screenshots. All this happened in the course of a few hours; from the

moment cecil flirted, to the 30 seconds after he unzipped his pants, all in just one night. As much as a perv as he is, that my friends,

is not how cecil normally plays it. The truth be told, this all started as a plan of his, to turn Allannah against me, with his

slit-rubbing powers. Little did he know, what was instore.


And finally... for all of fans of the peeping scout, he is not, and never has been, a dark elf... whom cecil somehow figured he was.

He is a Half-elf bard, by the name of Surgat. And to think, all it would've took, is for cecil to type a simple /who check, at any

point.. and cover would have been blown. It just went all too well, definitly karma... a good 5 mmorpg's worth.


So now it's all been told... the motive, the history, and the framing. To finish this all off, I'm going to post a few pics, that solidify

the evidence against him... and I truely hope, that this post will serve as a warning in the future, to any potential victim he comes

in contact with. I would encourage you all, to give this link to anyone you see him flirting like he's Hue Hefner with... because

there's a good chance, that you could save them a hell of a lot of trouble. I guarantee you there are several of his victims following

along with this, that are so fucking relieved that this has finally come to pass. I know a couple myself. Lets not let our gaming

communities get victimized by little fucks, like we see here today. We're here to have fun with friends, not get sexually harrased and

stalked. The ignore function may fix some things, but a true psycho will go to great lengths to, if nothing else, annoy the hell out

of you. Sending tells to your friends, your guild mates, and anyone you group with... This is a game that people come to play, to have

fun with; and not everyone can deal with this sort of thing, as bravely, as some of you that may think its easy.



So, without further delay; I bring you, the final screenshots.























(Quote by Ceciliantas)

" *yawwwwns* you kids are startin to bore me now, actually, now its gettin quite funny.

You can keep putting up those edited pics, or whatever ya want bobby boy, as for Allannahs post tch it could be just some lifeless user who created the account using her name

to pose as her. I still deny all this shit but hey its funny ya know? Cuz I got assholes from other games, harrassing me, and ya know whats fun bout that? I got the GM whos got my back telling

me to report every single person that harrasses me even for the slightest bit, already did a frag count

Warned- 7 Idiots
Suspended- 2 Idiots
Banned- 0 Idiots

So you wanna act like 12 year olds and get your toy taken away? Fine by me, I still deny ever cybering with anyone and lol you harrass me ingame, your in for a world of hurt from now on

I assure you This is too funny I swear to god, never seen a more pathetic bunch of children in all my life, this must be the whole damn collection its amazing lol. "



brought to you by:


of the Permafrost, Everquest II server