April 2nd, 2016



We join the ranks of 11/11, Ragnaros down on the first try of the evening with 38.




March 22nd, 2016

  Majordomo Executus  


Took a few tries to get the clusterfuck situated.

Down with a raid of 38, best attendance yet.




March 12th, 2016

  Sulfuron Harbringer  


Took a bit to get our limited healing availability properly distributed.

Got him down in a few tries with a raid of 30.




February 27th, 2016



Had to iterate on the deep breath a bit, but the rest wasn't an issue.

Got her down with a raid of 30.




February 23rd, 2016

  Golemagg the Incinerator  


Got him on the first try with a raid of 27.




February 23rd, 2016



Took us a few tries to get the hang of the blink, down with a raid of 27.




February 20th, 2016

  Baron Geddon  


Got him down on the first try with a raid of 33.




February 20th, 2016



We had to iterate on this guy a bit to sort out a good strategy for us, and

what we believe are differences from retail. In the end we got em' though.

Our raid force continues to grow, 33 in attendance.




February 18th, 2016



We got him on our second try with a raid of 28, despite

only having one Tranq shot at our disposal.




February 13th, 2016



We got him on our first try with a raid of 25.




February 11th, 2016



He was a challenge for us with a raid of 24.

In the end we sorted it out, though.

Welcome to MC <The Dauntless>




January 27th, 2016

  Slowly but Surely  


It's been a while since the last update, holidays and such.

We've been doing UBRS for a while now, and one of our tanks had

to jet after our first run of the evening, so we decided to see how far

we could get on the next. Drak with one tank is interesting.

MC is soon to come.




November 26th, 2015

  Happy Thanksgiving  


We hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

In other news, we now have an UBRS key in the guild.

Not as speedy as some guilds, but we're in no hurry.




October 19th, 2015

  It Begins  


The population has spread out some, less concentration near the starting zones, especially

for us late night PST people - that seems to be the population low point of the day. I'd say that

it's worth checking out now, for those of you that wanted to avoid the mad rush of a server opening.



October 10th, 2015

  The Final Countdown  


We tried out Stormrage(Malfurion) when it launched, and decided to wait for the

Nostalrius PvE launch, which is looking to be our new home.



October 6th, 2015

  The Countdown  


Two servers to choose from; mere days away from Stormrage, Nostalrius PvE soon to follow.

Adventure awaits, as do we.