Karazhan - Screenshots
March 30th , 2007

  Romulo & Julianne Down   


Yet another week at the Opera.

Last of the three available encounters.



March 22nd , 2007

  Oz Down   


Another week at the Opera, with a new encounter.

Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman, Tinhead, and The Crone.



March 16th , 2007

  The Curator Down   


Big Ass Robot of Death, with voiceovers that sound simliar

to c3po from Star Wars.



March 15th , 2007

  The Big Bad Wolf Down   


"Run away little girl, run away!"

Apparently running away is non-negotiable.



March 10th , 2007

  Rokad the Ravager Down   


Did a bit o' rep farmin', and decided to wack an animal boss.

We ended up with the doggie.



March 9th , 2007

  Maiden of Virtue Down   


I dunno about the whole "Maiden of Virtue" thing; I mean, our pally was checkin her out,

and he seemed to be pretty sure it just wasn't an accurate title...

It's in writing, see for yourself!



March 8th , 2007

  Attumen & Moroes Down   


Attumen down on first attempt, so easy we forgot to screenshot it.

Moroes was much more fun, took us a couple tries racing against the DoT clock.

Mage kitegasm!



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